Activity Box #01 - A Tiki Tour of New Zealand

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Activity Box #01 - A Tiki Tour of New Zealand
A Tiki Tour of New Zealand is a very special New Zealand themed Activity Box.

Gumboot Throwing - If it weren't for your gumboots, where would you be? Try to throw the gumboots onto the target mat. Bonus points if the gumboot is standing up straight!

Tour of New Zealand Board Game - A reprint of the classic 1950's board game 'Tour of New Zealand'. Players move through New Zealand tourist destinations learning fun facts along the way.

Discover New Zealand Quiz - A set of 100 cards containing 400 New Zealand themed questions set at 4 different ability levels.

Goodbye Pork Pie DVD - The original iconic New Zealand film featuring two young men in a stolen yellow mini who become a national obsession.

The New Zealand Collection CD - Described as 'A complete Souvenir in Song' this CD contains many kiwi favorites.