Activity Box #02 - Ocean Adventures

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Activity Box #02 - Ocean Adventures
Bring the beach to your residents with the Ocean Adventures Activity Box. It contains a selection of sea themed activities.

Scentscapes At The Seaside - The At the Seaside Scentscape™ kit combines both sound and scent to help transport people to the beach, stimulating memories and start conversation that would otherwise have been difficult to reach.

Aquapaint At the Seaside - Paint with water to reveal the pictures. Ideal for people who can no longer paint within lines. Suitable for all abilities, great for small groups of up to 5. Includes pictures of an ice cream truck, pier, fish and chips, a bucket and pail as well as a donkey.

Toss 'N' Splash - An inflatable game with 10 balls. Participants try to throw the balls into the targets to score points.

Hook DVD - The tale of Peter Pan and his pirate enemy Captain Hook.

De-Stress CD - This CD features relaxation music. Ideal background music for a sensory or pampering session.