Activity Box #04 - Purrfect Pets

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Activity Box #04 - Purrfect Pets
Just for pet lovers a pet themed Activity Box featuring adorable cats, butterfly's, fish and more!

Mouse Hole Bowls - Participants try to roll a ball into one of the 3 mouse holes. Ideal for groups.

Cats'N'Wool Jigsaw Puzzle - A 275 piece jigsaw puzzle for cat lovers.

Aquapaint Natural World - Paint with water to reveal the pictures. Ideal for people who can no longer paint within lines. Suitable for all abilities. Great for small groups of up to 5. Pictures disappear when dry. Includes pictures of a butterfly, a goldfish, a kitten, a peacock and a horse.

Doctor Dolittle DVD - A 1967 classic movie about a vet who can communicate with animals.

Doris Days 20 Greatest Hits CD - 20 of Doris Day's musical hits on CD.

Zone One ($15),Zone Two ($16),Zone Three & Four (Sorry, but I'm too big to ship to these zones!)