Activity Box #05 - Home Sweet Home

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Activity Box #05 - Home Sweet Home
A home themed Activity Box with all the sights and smells of home.

Tin Can Alley - Throw bean bags at the tin cans to knock 'em down.

Scentscapes At Home - A sensory kit that involves both smell and sight. Ideal people with dementia or vision loss.

Chatterbox 1950's - 26 large picture cards with everyday items from the 1950's. Includes conversation prompts.

Calendar Girls DVD - After the death of her best friend's husband from cancer, a Yorkshire housewife Chris Harper (Helen Mirren) hatches a scheme to raise money for a memorial to him.

Sounds for Mum CD - A CD of great songs for Mums.

Zone One ($15),Zone Two ($16),Zone Three ($18),Zone Four ($20)