Activity Box #20 - Amazing Animals

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Activity Box #20 - Amazing Animals
The amazing Animals Activity Box contains 5 animal themed activities.

Flying Frogs - Participants throw the frogs onto a lily pad to score points.

Animal Bingo - Bingo with a twist! This bingo uses animal sound and pictures instead of numbers.

Cows Jigsaw - Easy to complete jigsaw with a picture of a herd of cows. No complicated pieces. Ideal for people with mild - moderate dementia.

Discover Wildlife Quiz - A set of quiz cards with animal themed questions.

Little Ones DVD - Over 150 cute baby animals with an hour of happy, playful instrumental music. Experience the innocence and joy of baby animals with their Moms, from cute bears to little ducklings following their Mom to the pond.

Zone One ($15),Zone Two ($16),Zone Three ($18),Zone Four ($20)