Activity Box #22 - Hollar 'n' Hoop

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Activity Box #22 - Hollar 'n' Hoop
A great Activity Box with a little bit of everything!

Life Stories - A non-competitive board game for 2-8 people or teams that involves speaking about your life story. Encourages group interaction and remembering by sharing life experiences. Players move along the board, drawing cards from one of four categories. Each evokes personal reminiscences, thoughts or opinions with questions

Picture Lotto - For up to 4 people, this game is similar to bingo but with pictures instead of numbers. Ideal for people with mild - moderate dementia

Ring Toss and Ball'n'Cup Game - This game includes accessories to make 2 different physical games

CD - Jazz in the charts 1940 - A collection of jazz hits from the 1940's

DVD - The Great Train Robbery - In Victorian England, a master criminal makes elaborate plans to steal a shipment of gold from a moving train

Zone One ($15),Zone Two ($16),Zone Three ($18),Zone Four ($20)