Activity Box #26 - Let's go fishing!

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Activity Box #26 - Let's go fishing!
Let's go fishing includes a range of different activities including a large fishing game complete with questions, Hoy Bingo, and more!

Let's go fishing! - A fishing game with fish related quiz questions

Hoy Bingo - Similar to normal bingo, but this game uses giant cards. Ideal for people with mild - moderate cognitive difficulties

Headbands - Place a headband on your head. Other participants give you clues while you try to figure out what is written on the head band

CD - Pub Party - Great for happy hour!

DVD - At war with the army - When former business partners Vic Puccinelli (Dean Martin) and Alvin Korwin (Jerry Lewis) enlist in the U.S. Army, they have different ambitions. A classic musical comedy.

Zone One ($15),Zone Two ($16),Zone Three ($18),Zone Four ($20)